Kultaseppä Räsänen

Goldsmith Räsänen

Made to order

My custom-made jewelries

are creations of the customer’s wish

The majority of my personalized work are diamond rings in addition to engagement and wedding rings, but I also create other unique jewellery.

Each design process begins with the wish or idea of the customer. A custom-made piece of jewellery can be built completely according to the wishes of the customer or it can be designed together with the customer for example on the basis of a certain theme. I also create jewellery carte blanche – mostly if my customers visions are not clear. I aim to create personalized jewellery according to my customers visions.

 When I design, I aim to listen to the wishes of my customer and highlight them in the process. My own collection has a very simple and elegant, however jewellery which is made to order can represent any style.

I strive to find a solution to the hardest of problems and come up with a solution to the wildest of dreams and surprise my customer. When designing and manufacturing jewellery, I use quality modelling programs Rhinoceros and Artcam25 3D. With them I can offer my customers realistic images which are very close to the final product – before adding the finishing touches. With the help of these modelling programs it is possible for my clients to see the dimensions and colours of their future wedding ring first-hand. It is possible to also determine the weight and actual price of the jewellery already during this sketching phase.

When producing jewellery, I use modern methods without forgetting traditional craftsmanship. Through this process I am able to ensure the high quality and craftmanship behind each product. The gemstones and diamonds I use in my jewellery only come from accountable domestic jewellers. Because of this I can proudly stand behind each piece of jewellery I manufacture.