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are created from small dreams

Unique experiences

are connected to many of life’s most precious moments. These events can be perfected by a finely crafted wedding ring or a graceful diamond ring. As a goldsmith, I want to be a part of making these dreams and unique experiences come to life.


A magnificent selection of our own collection in addition to unique jewellery

Made to Order

Unique and personal creations – custom made according to the customers’ wishes

Services for Business

Planning, subcontracting and small series designed especially for business customers

The Goldsmith

Jukka Räsänen, certified goldsmith since 1994

Current news:

25 year work anniversary logo
Shop open mon-fri 10-17. Good season to come and plan your engagement and wedding rings. Come and see the new “Tulip”-ring model with the max stone size of 1,25 ct.
Also synthetic aka laboratory diamonds available. Their prices have come down significantly and their availability has improved lately. Synthetic diamonds are an excellent choice for those looking for a wedding ring or other jewelry.