Jukka Räsänen, a goldsmith/art engraver and artenomi


I graduated from Kultaseppäopisto of Lahden Muotoiluinstituutti in 1994 as a art engraver/goldsmith. Until 1998 I worked as a goldsmith in Helsinki. n early 1999, I opened my own workshop in Oulu, first Pakkahuoneenkatu, and in 2003 was transferred to Stockmann. In 2008, I moved to larger premises in Saaristokatu, Oulu, where I opened a goldsmith shop, Uniqkorun, with Janne Kannisto. In spring 2011, I found a new place in the workshop. Kultaseppä Räsänen was located Isokatu along the park of Mannerheim. Again, spring was a time of change, and why should it happened then, I got a hundred year old shop from Puistola. In the same place has been one hundred years the clock and jewelery company, and now I get to continue this tradition. Circle is closed and come back to Pakkahuoneenkatu, a stone's throw from the workshop where I started in -99.

In free time I am quite keen outdoor enthusiast and I have been circling over the years with alpine skis and climbing shoes in the mountains. The adventures in different parts of the world's great mountains have left an indelible impression on me. No snow at the time, and especially in autumn I walk around the northern Finnish forests hunting and fishing. These trips are a valuable lifeline for me and the ones I have drawn from the content of jewelery design.

2002 Joint exhibition, theme Keho. Neliögalleria Oulu.

2003 Joint exhibition, Pohjoista korumuotoilua. G5 Galleria, Oulu ja Raahe.

2006 Joint exhibition, Poimintoja. Colmio galleria, Oulu.

2007 Invitation exhibition, artist of the month. O.Jauhiaisen museo, Kiiminki.

2007 Joint exhibition, anniversary of PROTO. Oulun kaupungin kirjasto.

Member of PROTO, Pohjois-Suomen taideteolliset suunnittelijat ry, www.proto.fi