Experiences are created by small dreams

Unique experiences are related to many of life's most important moments. These events can be crowned finely crafted wedding rings or graceful diamond rings. I want to be a goldsmith those involved and make dreams come true that create unique experiences.



The magnificent selection of own collection, as well as unique jewelry


Make to order

The personal creations of the customers' wishes


For companies

Planning, subcontracting and small series for business customers



1994 graduated goldsmith, Jukka Räsänen

Goldsmith Räsänen

The new workshop will be available on the whole collection to own and unique jewelry. I will try a hundred percent with respect to the recycling of jewelery of precious metals and thus reduce the burden of the mining environment. My jewelery of precious metals originates bought from "scrap gold and silver".

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Dear customers, my models page is updated but information with prices is only at finnish, for now. I am working with my english pages and tehy will be updated soon...


Kultaseppä Räsänen
Pakkahuoneenkatu 15, 90100 Oulu, Finland
Phone: 040 5960967
Email: paja@kultasepparasanen.fi

Open on weekdays 9.30-13.00 and 14.00-17.30