Contracted work are creations of the customer’s wish

Most of the commissioned works are diamond rings and engagement rings and wedding rings, but also manufactures other personal jewelry.

The starting point is the customer's wish or image. Contracted work can be based on entirely the customer's own vision and plan your preferred product or it can be designed together with the customer from the beginning of a particular theme. I also design "hands-free" basis when the customer, there is no clear picture of the appearance of the desired product. My goal is to make according to customer's specification, or like her necklace.

I design I try to listen to the customer's desires, and to bring them up in jewelery. Own models the form of the language is often very simple yet customized services for performeth wishes.

I want to dream of the most difficult to find a solution and surprise the customer. I planned, and the manufacturing tool and Artcam25 Rhinoceros 3D modeling software, which allows me to offer the customer a genuine product corresponding to a photographic image of the product before the actual product are taken to the filing. The modeling allows the customer sees, for example, the correct proportions forthcoming wedding ring in precious stones and colors. Thus I am also able to determine very accurately mm. weight and price of the Rings already sketching stage.

I use in the manufacture of modern methods, not forgetting handicraft traditions. This I can guarantee our products a high degree of craftsmanship and quality. In my work I use gemstones come only from reputable domestic gem merchants. Thus I am able to stand upright behind the products they manufacture.